All Melomec pages are built on the WordPress platform, and for very good reason. Originally WordPress was used mostly as a blogging platform designed to be as easy to use as possible. It has since become an industry leader for creating web pages as well. There are many reasons why so many people favor WordPress but the biggest one is the simple little acronym that is on the mind of anyone who builds, designs, or owns a website: wp logoSEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and is a catchall term used to describe how people can find your site through search engines. You can throw the word “Organic” in there as well as it is easy to shell out big bucks to get visibility, the key is to get it for free by having a well developed and SEO friendly site to begin with. SEO is a complex matter with many opposing views. It seems more and more that there is no “magic pill” to getting great rankings but it is broadly viewed that WordPress offers the best base from which to launch. Why:

Crawlability – It sounds a bit creepy but search engines send out spiders to “crawl” the internet and gather information that will feed their rankings. In simple terms, WordPress is structured in a simple manner that these spiders can easily manage.

Plug-ins – Because the WordPress community is so large, many people have developed “plug-ins” which can be added to a WordPress site. A plug in is a little extra that can be added onto WordPress to give it extra features. When talking about SEO there are several plugins that can be used to set key words and phrases without having to tinker with the basic code within the pages/posts.

New Content Bump – Search engines are always looking for something “new”. For example if you wanted to search the weather conditions for an upcoming vacation destination, you would not want the information to be two years old. This is is why “blogging your news” is very important. Search spiders feed off of new material and WordPress is a great way to feed them (Great content is also very important but, again, not if nobody ever sees it)

Just Because – The simple fact is that Google* likes WordPress. Besides the easy to crawl structure of the sites there is also very good security and spam control. It could be that Word Press has developed a high level of “trust” with Google.

* In the SEO world Google is king. It is not to ignore the others like Yahoo, Bing,, or others but they generally follow the lead of Google who hold an overwhelming amount of the search engine traffic to begin with. In other words if you set yourself up well in Google, everything else will follow.

At Melomec we are big fans of WordPress (can you guess what platform this site is built on?) and we recommend it for anybody looking for a slick presence and kick-butt SEO