May 9


You Tube Sensations Matt & Ginny

mattginnyWhen I decided to ask my friend Michael Escobar to help me put together a creative proposal for my girlfriend Ginny I had no idea what it would lead to. What was intended to be just a video memento for friends and family turned into a modern day social media phenomenon with a YouTube video that garnered more than 26 million hits (and counting) in the first 6 months. The most important thing to come out of the whole experience is that I am now blissfully married to my soulmate but it has also provided Ginny and I  with an opportunity to pursue a whole new career path as “proposal consultants” and some other exciting things that are now in the works.

While we watched our YouTube video explode in popularity and we learned about the opportunities that would present themselves, we knew it was going to be important to get a solid grip on our digital and on-line presence.

  • We needed a website that was both beautiful and also had the functionality to build our  growing list of fans and keep them entertained and updated.
  • We needed our site to reflect our personalities but also have a professional feel to impress future advertisers and other professionals.
  • We needed a Facebook landing page that could also engage people and encourage them to sign up for our updates.
  • We needed to get an understanding of how tweeting, Facebook and blogging today was going to really help our business tomorrow.
  • Most importantly we needed someone to help us to tie all of this together.

While our professional future was starting to open up in front of us, we were also preparing for the most important day of our young lives – our wedding. Neither Ginny nor I consider ourselves to be very technical and the last thing we wanted to was worry about was all of this important stuff that happened to be going on just as we were trying to focus on our wedding.

Working with Alex at Melomec really helped to take off the pressure and allow us to focus on our wedding preparations. In no time we had a website that not only looked great, but also engaged people and captured their information for when we have big announcements down the road. Our Facebook fan page was also set up to grow our “likes” and allow us to better communicate with our fans. Alex guided us in the right direction when we weren’t sure what to do and also responded very promptly when we requested changes. He even posted to our blog for us daily while we were on our honeymoon based on little snippets and pictures I sent him from my phone!

In short, Alex and Melomec took something that was quite daunting to us and made it easy and fun. I really look forward to working with them as we move into this new phase of our lives.

Thanks Alex!

Matt (and Ginny) Still

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